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Ferries & Pre-buy inspection
Fleet management & Aircraft evaluation


Explore limitless possibility

Our team can support any ideas in your development plan or strategy and follow through with them. We can provide assistance with the following aspects:

  • Consultations in the selection of aircraft, its optimal usage and operating costs

  • Technical and legal documentation analysis with a further technical pre-purchase inspection

  • Aircraft acceptance

  • Delivery of an aircraft to any point of the world

  • Full fleet management

  • Aircraft registration administration

  • CAMO process and assistance with management of aircraft’s records and documentation

  • Designated Airworthiness Representatives service

  • Ability to provide captains, co-pilots and flight inspectors on leasing

Comprehensive service

Our expertise spends in a wide range of activities. Contact us to discuss how we can take care of all your ideas and remove headaches with money-saving priority.

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