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Aerial Survey

  • Aerial Photography.

  • LiDAR Scanning.

  • Thermal imaging and other types of multispectral imaging.

Flight Precision Ltd can provide the full spectrum of aerial survey services. LiDAR (Light Identification Detection and Ranging) survey is the most common survey method. With our aircraft, it's possible to survey large areas at a time. Additionally, we use extremely powerful software tools that make possible the viewing, analysis and measurement of the built and natural environment.

Aerodrome certification documentation

  • Implementation of geodesic ground-survey and creation of geodetic justification.

  • Project flight planning.

  • Survey data processing.

  • Photogrammetric mapping.

  • Supplying satellite survey materials.

  • Digital surface and terrain modelling, 3D modelling.

  • Geodesic ground survey.

  • Vector mapping in any scales.

  • Aeronautical data information for aerodromes.

  • Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) information provision.

Fulfil your specific needs with us

With the collected data we can produce mapping, 3D information and geospatial products needed to design and maintain a nation’s infrastructure. Management of energy production, energy transportation, and management of large land areas for emergency response, natural disasters, environmental and natural resources are thus facilitated in compliance with government contracts and regulations.

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