Customer Focused Service

Flight Precision Ltd operates Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft fitted with an Aerodata Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS). Our flight crew and inspectors are high-calibre experienced professionals with experience of working in harsh climates, warzones and isolated areas. The company aims to deliver safe, fast and cost effective flight inspection services around the World.

With over 15 years of world wide experience in the flight inspection market we have been continuously contributing to flight safety and are recognised by our clients as the leading experts in the field. Flight Precision's customer focused approach strives to deliver professional services on all levels and to offer flexibility to suit the customer’s needs. We are proud of and value our integrity, knowing that we provide our customers with immediate on-site verification of the inspection results at a competitive rate.

Flight Precision is a name with an illustrious past. With historical links to the UK Civil Aviation Authority Flight Inspection Unit, the name is associated with professional and technical competence. Company is owned and directed by globally experienced flight inspection industry experts.


Today's Flight Precision has preserved the DNA of those qualities embedded in everything we do. Our customer focused approach will ensure that Flight Precision becomes the flight inspection company of choice for the future.

Collectively, our team has experience of operating in countries all over the world. We have been privileged to work with organizations and people from five of the world's seven continents relishing the professional and cultural diversity that we have encountered.
Our certified Pilots and Flight lnspectors each have 10-15 years and 5000 - 10000 flying hours in the flight inspection field operating the Beechcraft King Air 200 and 300 series.
Our operational experience includes both civil and military sectors in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, CIS, the Middle East and the Far East. The climate conditions covered range from the extreme heat of Arabian deserts to sub-zero temperatures in the northern parts of the globe. We can operate in highly congested airspace at the major hubs and in the most remote airfields with limited infrastructure.

The impulsive force of our company is highly qualified and professional flight inspectors with extensive experience, they can carry all flight inspection processes.

From main skills:

  • Fast and precise coordinates survey.

  • Briefing-Debriefing with ATC, pilots and ground staff.

  • Thorough raw data analysis.

  • Troubleshooting recommendations and ways for future improvements from an air perspective.

  • Technical consultation on any inquiries.

Our handpicked team is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian.

Wide range of services

We are not limited by flight inspections service. For our customers, we can propose next:

  • Evaluating an Aircraft for Purchase

  • Aircraft Prepurchase Inspection by our experts

  • Aircraft Ferrying Services to any point of the world

  • Fleet management

  • Aerodrome certification documentation

  • Different types of technical documentation services

  • Solving different types of NAV aids issues, engineers could be requested

  • Ground technical support during flight inspection

  • Procedure design, it's simulation and validation

  • Aerial Photography

  • Drone or UAV flight inspection

  • Spare part selling